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Aug 24, 2018

Less than 140 days left in the states. Seriously, where is the time going?! Still sad to leave San Diego and California, but we’re becoming more and more excited for our journey in Italy.

Last night, we met up with some friends who were previously stationed in Italy. They gave us the 411 on life in Italy, showed us the b-e-a-utiful furniture and other home goods they brought back (including hundreds of bottles of wine. ummm. yes, please), and hosted a home-cooked, Italian, pasta dinner. If you haven’t eaten bucatini, you need to head to your nearest Italian grocery store now. Bucatini is like spaghetti, but thicker and hollow.


To say we are excited for the food in Italy would be an understatement. We’ve been told it’s some of the freshest and most delicious food we’ll ever eat. I’m secretly hoping Jaime will entertain the thought of eating a little meat while we’re there. I guess it’s not so secret because I actually ask him every day. A girl can dream or peer pressure (wife pressure?) him into it. You can’t live in Italy for three years and never eat carbonara. Experiencing carbonara at least once should be a rule in life. Three year food coma, here we come.

We talked to them about all the travel they did and OH. MY. GOSH. Our friends drove sixty thousand miles during the two years they were stationed there. Yes, you read that right. 60,000 miles. They basically visited every corner of Italy (multiple times) and traveled to London, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Czech Republic, and other surrounding countries. The only place they flew to? London. We’re definitely purchasing a European car to last us the road trip of all road trips. Catch us in the Tuscan countryside, French Riviera, and wherever else four wheels can take us.

After seeing all the souvenirs they brought back, it got us thinking about what we should collect from every country. This may be our only opportunity to live abroad, we gotta make it count. My primary goal is to collect a piece of neutral-colored pottery from every place we visit. A few other ideas are:

  • scarves, because I wear them every day in the winter
  • tickets from buses, trains, and planes
  • canvas grocery bags, especially if we end up back in California where plastic bags are banned and all other bags cost $0.10
  • restaurant menus
  • pins/patches/stickers
  • hotel key cards or the paper key holder
  • sunrise and sunset pictures
  • maps

What are your favorite things to collect when you travel? What are you most excited about when you travel to new place? For us, it’s always food and using it as a vessel into a country’s culture. Let us know in the comments below.



  1. JC

    If he starts eating meat, I will fly twice in one year 😉 so jealous about the travel, like seriously!!!!! 😖😖😖 I want to be there too!

  2. Anna

    Art! Collect art!! Big, small or anything in between 😘


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