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COVID19: new restrictions in rome

Oct 22, 2020

mask wearing

Ciao a tutti (hello everyone)! If you don’t follow us on Instagram (which you totally should and can find us here), then you might think we’ve fallen off the face of the Earth due to the lack of posting on the blog. Instagram is an easier platform to share what’s happening at the moment and what we’re up to day to day, but I do plan to start posting on the blog more often and have a few fun things to share like our trip to Emilia Romagna where we toured a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese factory and learned everything about balsamic vinegar and my favorite Italy-based Instagram accounts.

It seems like everywhere around the world is experiencing a second or third wave (hi, USA) of COVID and that’s no different here in Rome. Today, Italy experienced a high of 16,000+ new cases. The high during spring was just over 6,000, so to say things have escalated quickly would be an understatement. Some days (ok let’s be real…MOST days) are consumed by COVID. I read Italian and American COVID news, learn about new restrictions, and it always interjects itself in every conversation we have at home. Did you see how many cases there were today? Did you see that almost every region of Italy is a red zone? Are we allowed to go down to the base in Naples? Is it safe to go out for dinner? Should we stay at home? Should I stop taking public transit and only go as far as my legs can take me? It’s a mix of driving myself crazy with COVID and being aware and updated with the changes.

Masks are required at all times except in the comfort of your home throughout Italy. This means if you’re walking down the street and nobody is around, you need your mask. If you’re taking out the garbage, you need your mask. You risk a €400-1000 fine if you’re caught without wearing a mask. I didn’t realize how commonplace mask-wearing had become for me until I watched an Instagram story of two people walking down the street in Southern California without masks. I was surprised by how startled I was to see people out and about mask free.

Starting tomorrow, Rome is implementing a curfew from midnight to 5 am every night until November 21st. If you need to be out during those hours it must be for an essential reason and self-declaration forms are required. The fine for breaking the curfew is €400-3,000!

Italy’s famous and beautiful Christmas markets have been canceled. All of the friend and family trips we were looking forward to in 2020 have been canceled. It was never an expectation to go home for the holidays during our three years here because Jaime’s job doesn’t allow it, but with COVID we don’t know when we’re going home in general.

In the midst of it all, we are both healthy, our dogs are healthy, and our friends and family in Italy and back home are healthy. Jaime’s work has been unaffected by COVID. I can still explore Rome. Going to the gym on the embassy compound remains safe for now since 99% of the time I’m the only one there. We haven’t had to go without any basic necessities during this crazy year and every day we count those blessings.

It truly is a crazy time to be alive, but we make sure to find and cherish the joys every day. We hope you’re all doing well back home and we miss you all so much.

Until next time,
Jordan & Jaime


  1. brad

    Yea, crazy sh… happening here in stupid America. At least the Bay Area seems to be making progress, and Calif in general, as far as c-19 is concerned. I’m actually looking at buying more masks for the fire season that will happen every year whether the virus is around or not. Had a great pizza at a local Italian place, Sorelle, that’s as close as I can get to traveling to Italia. Keep up the blog… some of us old people don’t do Instabomb.

    • Jordan

      Ooo we love pizza. Sounds delicious! Sorelle is a such cute name for a restaurant — it means sisters. ☺️ Glad to hear everything is ok. I wish we could see everyone for the holidays this year. Stay safe!

  2. Karen

    So glad you two are doing well. Just saw your mom for the first time in months at Bevs. She looks great. Take Care and be safe. 🥰

    • Jordan

      So glad to hear you’re doing well too. ☺️


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