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californians figuring out life in italy one day at a time

assisi, italy

Ciao, we’re Jaime and Jordan!

Welcome to our blog where we share our journey living in Italy. Here you’ll find the places we visit, the foods we eat, the wines we drink, and overall life in Italy with our two pups.

We’re high school sweethearts who were raised in a small, country town in California’s Central Valley, spent a decade living in dreamy Southern California, and are now living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth: Rome, Italy.  This once in a lifetime opportunity to live in Italy is a dream, but it’s nothing without the support of our friends and friends so we created the blog to document our time here. We’re excited to share our experiences and journeys with all of you.

During our free time, you can find us cuddling with our pups, visiting new cities, trying new wines, drinking caffè and cappuccino, eating all the pizza and pasta, learning Italian recipes at home, and figuring out life in Italy one day at a time. We hope our blog inspires you to try new things and live outside your comfort zone.

XO, Jaime & Jordan

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