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four months until rome

Sep 7, 2018

I probably sound like a broken record, but I can’t believe we only have four months until we take off on this new adventure. Unfortunately, Jaime is out to sea more than he’s home these next four months, so he has less than two months left in San Diego. We’re spending the few weeks he has left to do our favorite things in San Diego and when he’s gone I’ll continue prepping the house and tying up loose ends.

The most frustrating part of the process this month is getting my health screening done. The health screening is to verify that I’m healthy enough to move to Italy. Growing up in the Central Valley and then living in Los Angeles and San Diego, I’ve had a total of almost 10 different primary care physicians, OBGYNs, and dentists and of course every office has a different process to go about collecting medical records. Once I have all my medical records, I can then head down to the military clinic and they’ll verify that I’m good to go.

We’re most thankful to finally have a sponsor! The sponsor is someone who is already living near the naval base in Italy. They help us with everything from receiving some of our household goods to meeting us at the airport to help us get situated. We really hope they’re foodies because all we really care about is where we should spend our time eating. We can’t wait to spend our days at markets like the one in Campo De’ Fiori.

campo de fiori

Jaime and I can’t stop talking about our vision of life in Italy. Where we’re going to travel, what we’re going to eat, museums and historical sites we want to visit. So much so that every time we go out we head to an Italian restaurant, which is crazy because we should be using this time to eat as much of all other cuisines as possible. I hear Mexican food calling my name. Speaking of food, how good do these trapizzinos look?! Trapizzinos are a pizza sandwich hybrid and were originated in Rome.


OMG and what about arancinis?! Fried. Rice. Balls.


Because neither of us could decide if we wanted leave for Rome before New Year’s Day or after we tossed a coin. Why not leave it to chance, gravity, and physics? Each time the coin toss told us to leave after New Year’s Day, so we finally nailed down a date to leave the states! Well, kinda. It’s a rough timeline. Anyone familiar with the Navy knows that everything is hurry up and wait and then plans change. Just kidding, they change multiple times. It really teaches you the art of being flexible.

If you’ve been to Italy, what was your favorite part about it? If you haven’t, what would you be most excited for? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Erica Maldonado

    I loved the neighborhood called Trastevere. It’s right across a bridge to th south west of central Rome. It’s so cute and such a foodie part of town. We took a self guided food tour, but looking back I probably would have found a guided Food tour to hit all the right spots. I could do that every weekend…just exploring new spots!

  2. Ann Hiyama

    You’re not even there yet, and I can’t wait to visit you and Jaime! Lol!!


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