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three months until rome

Oct 2, 2018

THREE. MONTHS. LEFT. It’s kinda blowing our minds.

If you know anything about the US Navy, it’s hurry up and wait. And then you wait some more. And then it changes again. Jaime’s sea schedule has changed more times than I’ve thought about us moving to Italy. Which is kinda crazy because everything makes me think about moving. Flowers in our house, will they have those in Italy? Spices we cook with, will they have those in Italy? Favorite TV shows, will we be able to access those in Italy? The everyday realization that our native language will soon become foreign.

It’s frustrating that the military is providing us the opportunity of a once in a lifetime experience, while also keeping Jaime out to sea two out of his last three months here in San Diego. He’ll get back from being out to sea, check off the ship, and then we’ll head to our hometown for the holidays. Other than the days he’ll be home in November, it gives him less than a week to soak up all the San Diego sunshine one last time. It’s probably obvious that him being out to sea is the most frustrating part of the current process. His ship’s sea schedule doesn’t align well with our PCS, but that’s the Navy.

Our check list of big ticket items is coming to an end. YAY! Last week the Navy signed off on my overseas health screening. I’m officially OK-ed to travel abroad with Jaime under his military orders. It took three trips to the NTC clinic an hour away from our house, three vaccine boosters, lots of paperwork, and me not knowing what the heck I was doing, but I did it!

shipping containers

We also finished and submitted all the required paperwork for our shipments. Before the movers come, we need to go through and clean house. Get rid of everything we thought we needed, but really don’t. Ahem, Jaime, hint hint. Then, we’ll need to separate out what goes in which shipment to make sure they get packed separately. We have four shipments to manage:

  • our main household goods shipment, this includes almost everything in our home with the exception of items that will be in the three shipment below. They expect this to take three months from San Diego departure to Italy arrival.
  • our express shipment, this includes anything we may need sooner than three months (towels, linens, kitchen gear, etc.).
  • our temporary storage, this includes large items like our washer, dryer, and motorcycle.
  • our luggage, this includes everything you’d take with you if you were traveling for 1-2 months.

Other than that, we received our welcome packet from the command in Naples, Italy, I haven’t practiced my Italian in about a month, and our move really started to feel more real after we realized how little time we have left to say goodbye to our friends and family.

While Italy is far…far from our family, far from our friends, far from everything we know, Italy also means no more 12+ hour work days, no more underways, no more deployments. For three years, Jaime will be walking through our front door every night. For three years, I won’t have to fall asleep or wake up in an empty bed. No matter what else Italy brings, it’s those little things I’m looking forward to and I’m grateful for the most.


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