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one week until rome

Jan 16, 2019

6 more days. It’s real. It’s go time. 90% of our belongings have been shipped to Italy, our suitcases and sea bags are mostly packed, we’ve said our “see ya laters” to friends and family, our hotel in Italy is booked, and dog kennel reservations have been arranged for Troy and Xena, but we’re missing what we need to make this move possible — our flights.

Every day the past two weeks have been filled with multiple calls to various military offices trying to figure out why our tickets haven’t been booked and when they’ll be booked. The “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst” saying has become our daily reality. Not exactly how we planned to spend the last two weeks of our PCS leave (leave=military for vacation) but is what it is.

Putting the last two weeks aside, our four weeks at home have been busy, well cherished, and intimate. We celebrated Christmas on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday the week of Christmas, went to bed hours before the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve, and ate our way into the new year with oshogatsu (Japanese New Year) with my 98-year-old great aunt. We spent over 50 hours in the car and drove almost 3,000 miles on roads taking us to Mexico, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Sacramento to visit family.

We filled our stomachs with Jaime’s grandma’s potato tacos, introduced cousins in Mexico to s’mores, and made masa for tamales from scratch. We ate as much American, Indian, Himalayan, Mexican, Japanese, and Thai food as possible and shamelessly indulged in Crunchwrap Supremes from Taco Bell, protein style cheeseburgers from In-N-Out, pizza from Me-N-Ed’s, and cheesy bread from Pizza Factory maybe a few too many times.

We cried, loved, and laughed. We took a lot of pictures, celebrated with a lot of wine, and created a lot of memories. 

Saying “see you later” to everything that makes California home for us while preparing for one of the biggest adventures of our lives is more bittersweet than we can express, but we’re ready and excited for the journey ahead. So, we’re off with our very limited Italian (and by limited I mean basically none), cumin powder, chili powder, and almond butter in our suitcases, and open hearts and minds ready to embrace Italy.

And so the adventure begins,
Jordan + Jaime


  1. Ingrid

    Take care baby girl!! You will be missed in the Dorough house! Love you always

  2. JC

    I’m going to miss you both so much! 2020 we’ll be there with you two celebrating 🙂

  3. Betty

    Love it. Miss you guys already. Stay safe. Xoxo 😘

    Can’t wait to visit !!


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